Terms of purchase Autopath LT Autopath PRO Autopath PRO
(network licence)
7 DAY Subscription
Use the software for 7 days at a time - an economical solution
for when you need it most
- 99 USD -
1 YEAR Subscription
Use the software for a full year – provides a cost-effective option
for longer-term projects
355 USD 661 USD 859 USD
2 YEAR Subscription
A cost savings choice for businesses that foresee longer-term needs
674 USD 1.256 USD 1.633 USD
Perpetual License
A traditional licensing option that does not expire/time – does not include upgrades to new versions
788 USD 1.469 USD 1.909 USD
Perpetual License + 1 year maintenance
A traditional license plus our maintenance plan that provides access
to new versions as they become available – the most economical purchase option for year after year use
946 USD 1.763 USD 2.291 USD
Upgrade Autopath LT to Autopath PRO - 681 USD -
All prices are in U. S. dollars, Excl. VAT.    If required, VAT will be added according to the country of residence during the purchase process.


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