Autosign Professional Single licence Network licence
7 DAY Subscription
Use the software for 7 days at a time - an economical solution
for when you need it most
99 USD
1 YEAR Subscription
(15% OFF until 31. December 2019)
Use the software for a full year – provides a cost-effective option
for longer-term projects
432 USD
508 USD
561 USD
660 USD
2 YEAR Subscription
(15% OFF until 31. December 2019)
A cost savings choice for businesses that foresee longer-term needs
820 USD
965 USD
1.066 USD
1.254 USD
Perpetual License
A traditional licensing option that does not expire/time – does not include upgrades to new versions
1.128 USD
1.467 USD
Perpetual License + 1 year maintenance
(15% OFF until 31. December 2019)
A traditional license plus our maintenance plan that provides access to new versions as they become available – the most economical purchase option for year after year use.
1.151 USD
1.354 USD
1.496 USD
1.760 USD
All prices are in U. S. dollars, Excl. VAT. If required, VAT will be added according to the country of residence during the purchase process.

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