Road weather information systems

Why Road weather information system (RWIS)?

Weather information is important in supporting a variety of road winter maintenance operations; however, more detailed weather information such as road surface temperature and condition is needed to support anti-icing and plowing/de-icing operations. For this purpose road weather information systems (RWIS) were developed and are nowadays a critical component of winter maintenance decision-making.

Benefits of using RWIS:
  • savings at winter road maintenance costs
  • reduced environmental pollution
  • safer roads

Road weather stations (RWS)

Road weather stations (RWSs) collect current weather data.The most important sensor of a road weather station (RWS) is the so-called road sensor that monitors the temperature of road surface, the thickness of water film, the salt concentration and indicates the freezing point temperature. Road sensors are embedded in road surface or mounted on a pole, performing non-contact measurement. Road weather stations are equipped also with meteorological sensors for measuring the temperature, relative air humidity and precipitation, with sensors for solar radiation, wind speed and direction, and with digital cameras. The measurements are stored in the station’s logger.


Left: Installation of an embeded road sensor (Foto: CGS Labs d.o.o.)
Right: Road Weather Station at mountain pass Predel, Slovenia (Foto: CGS Labs d.o.o.)

Road weather information system (RWIS)

From the RWS logger, the measurements are transferred by different telecommunications technologies to the central database of the road weather information system (RWIS), which is a web-based application offering various displays of current measurements at RWS locations, displays of the archived data and the metadata on stations and sensors. The application can also trigger alarms. ‘Opened’ system supports RWSs of different producers and is custom-designed.

   Detailed overview of events at a chosen RWS (Source: DARS d.d.)

RWIS and road weather forecast

The RWIS can be equipped with a reliable energy-balance model for forecasting the temperature and road surface conditions (e.g. dry, moist, wet, frost, ice, snow) with high time and spatial resolution (1km). The users have access to a 12-hour point forecast, which is updated every hour. Nowcasting products of meteo services are integrated.

What can be expected in the future?

In the future, our system will offer also a forecast for road sections and modules for management of resources (means of transport, spreading materials, available human resources) and it will thus become an integrated maintenance decision support system (MDSS).


CGS RWIS is ‘opened’ system which supports RWSs of different producers. It’s custom-tailored solution. High tech and high resolution (time and spatial) road weather forecast supports maintenance operations. CGS RWIS is compatible with nowcasting products of meteo services.

Reduction in the costs of winter road maintenance (with an expected saving of 20% on spreading materials), optimisation of road winter maintenance services, increased safety for drivers, reduced traffic congestions, reduced fuel consumption, reduced environmental pollution.

CGS Labs d.o.o. is the leading company for RWIS in Slovenia (our references):

  • RWIS DRSC, Slovenia
  • RWIS DARS, Slovenia

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