Autopath - Swept path analysis and vehicle turning simulation software

Autopath is a professional software solution for vehicle swept path analysis used by civil engineers, transportation professionals, architects and urban planners. 

Autopath is most commonly used to analyze vehicle maneuvers on roads, intersections, roundabouts, parking lots, construction sites, airports, loading bays and more. Autopath PRO is not limited to the libraries of vehicles included with the program, you can use the software to define specialized vehicles, like cranes, telescopic trailers and more. Autopath is available as PRO and as LT (lite) version!



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Vehicle Library

Autopath includes a list of predefined country specific vehicle design libraries:

USA / CANADA / INDIA / ... AASHTO 2011 (Imperial and Metric),
EUROPE United Kingdom
Czech Republic
AUSTRALIA included
NEW ZEALAND included


With the custom vehicle design option, users can extend existing vehicle libraries, or create completely new county specific libraries of vehicles that are otherwise not included in the software. Vehicle definition import/export tools are also included allowing new vehicles to be conveniently shared with the team.

Extended collection of vehicles

In latest version Autopath PRO gets extensive number of vehicle libraries and utility vehicle types added to the existing vehicle list, vehicle types ranging from agricultural vehicles, emergency vehicles, buses, trucks, trailers for wind turbine transport, cranes, forklifts and more.

Utility/manufactures vehicle type’s libraries:

  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Emergency vehicles, AASHTO
  • Emergency vehicles, Europe
  • Bus
  • Trucks
  • Goldhofer wind turbine transportation trailers

Mobile cranes vehicles library:

  • Liebherr cranes
  • KATO cranes
  • Terex cranes

Aircraft vehicles library:

  • Boing airplanes

Autopath PRO enables you to create virtually any desired type of vehicle or plane with ease including its horizontal and vertical boundary contour.

As part of customer service 
CGS Labs can design specific vehicles or plane types and specialized transportations per request.

Autopath PRO for aviation purposes

Autopath PRO includes a predefined aircraft vehicle library and options to customize or generate any new desired aircraft including its horizontal and vertical boundary contour.

Inspect new or existing airport layout design, gate location and remote stands design with any needed aircraft type swept path analysis. Check taxi way and taxi lane clearances or detect possible collisions with ground objects.


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