Autosign - Traffic signs & Road markings Design

Incorporating traffic signs and road markings into your design plans is made easier thanks to Autosign, the new, multi-faceted software developed by CGS labs.

Easy to use and offering many timesaving features, Autosign enhances the look of your designs and adds new levels of accuracy by automating the sign design process.

Autosign also allows users to: place traffic sign assemblies; design road markings and overhead sign supports; build interactive plans of sign placements; and evaluate sign designs in their CAD drawings. But these features are just a sampling of the overall versatility the software offers users.

In short, Autosign eliminates many of the manual steps usually associated with placing signs in your designs. So you not only enhance the look and accuracy of your designs, but save time as well thanks to an easy-to-use program that can be integrated into any operation.
Autosign - Quick Tour (90 sec.) Technical presentation (16 min.)
Supported languages and country specific traffic sign libraries

- German
- Austrian German
- Polish
- Croatian
- Serbian
- Slovenian

Autosign United States version comes complete with a library of U.S. traffic signs and road markings!


Supported CAD platforms

CGS Labs applications run on top of 2020-2013 versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD or AutoCAD Map 3D as well as BricsCAD Pro and Platinum V19-V15. Only 64-bit versions are supported!

Create both conceptual, and physical designs by offering a wide range of options for almost any type of design scenario. For example, you can select (and then position) traffic signs from a library containing regulatory, warning, informational, directional, and other signs related to roadway geometry. You can also create detailed road sign reports, complete with user comments.

Other Traffic Signs features:

  • Place traffic signs according to alignment reference
  • Insert traffic signs in CAD drawings, complete with interactive rotation and offset position controls
  • List traffic signs from the library list, which includes sign previews
  • Edit and/or add custom-made traffic signs to the sign library
  • Edit, move and/or copy traffic signs

Creating the required road markings is an important part of any detailed design. Given this, developing (and accurately placing) road line and crossroad markings, stripes, ghost islands hatches, lane direction arrows, and more is easy using Autosign’s interactive tools.


Other Road Markings features:

  • Draw road line and crossroad markings
  • Draw ghost island hatches and line direction arrows 
  • Edit, label, and delete road markings 
  • Label designed road markings and produce accurate road markings reports for cost estimates

Designing road sign gantries is made easier with Autosign thanks to the various geometrical options and sizes offered to fit a wide range of possible roadway layouts. You can not only easily customize the geometry of overhead sign supports, but also edit overhead sign support positions dynamically to accommodate any type of road geometry.


Other Road Sign Gantry features:

  • Create roadside gantries from a pre-defined geometry list 
  • Insert gantries to CAD drawings using the interactive placement option 
  • Edit gantry geometry parameters and positions
  • Add traffic and user-defined guide signs to inserted gantries

Enhance your designs by creating 3D views of traffic signs, road markings, and/or overhead sign supports on any 3D face surface, CGS plus surface, or AutoCAD Civil 3D surface. This allows you to analyze layout designs and inspect sign visibilities in 3D, but also check for other potential problems using a multi-dimensional view.


Other features of 3D Traffic Signs & Road Markings:

  • View traffic signs and road markings in 3D view for accurate design validation
  • Create accurate 3D traffic sign and road marking visualizations
  • Use 3D visualizations to check for possible problems, like signage overlaps or clearance issues 



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