Roadway Condition Forecasting

CGS Labs road weather information system VEDRA provides insight into current road conditions. Based on weather data and using advanced forecasting models, it allows forecasting of the road surface temperature and condition for several hours in advance.

Decision support

The more demanding users are provided with a Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS), which proposes measures to maintainers (time, type, amount and place of each treatment), in accordance with their winter road maintenance standards and regulations. It supports resources management and system performance analysis.

Savings and security

VEDRA enables optimal consumption of spreading materials, resulting in considerable savings and reduced environmental pollution. It allows for better organization, faster responsiveness and preventative functioning of the winter road maintenance service and thus contributes to increased road safety.

We care for a sustainable winter service

Ensuring sustainability in the winter service means creating a balance between environmental, economic and social needs. VEDRA system was developed in collaboration with responsible services in response to the question of how to ensure a high level of winter services in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner.

The system provides an overview of current and historical data from fixed and mobile road-weather stations and IoT meters, such as: road temperature, road condition, other meteorological measurements.

The system, using the energy-balance model, predicts the temperature and condition of the roadway. In doing so, it considers the measurements from the road weather stations, the structure of the road materials and the weather forecast provided by met-services.

VEDRA Roads also provides a special route-based (linear) forecast of the roadway temperature and condition throughout the network of roads, therefore also between road weather stations. Measurements from nearby weather stations, weather forecasts, road material structure, thermal mapping, etc. are considered.

The system provides an interactive view of the high-resolution forecast for different weather parameters (e.g. air temperature, precipitation, wind, etc.) from different meteorological models (e.g. ALADIN, INCA prepared by ARSO, etc.).

Using AI and in accordance with the rules for winter road maintenance, the system proposes measures for maintenance workers: time, type, amount and place of each treatment. It supports resources management and system performance analysis.

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