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CGS Labs is an innovative company with 30 years of experience developing software solutionsin the field of transport infrastructure and environment. 

Frequently searched software

Swept path analysis and vehicle turning simulation software.

Traffic sign and road marking design software.

BIM ready solution for roadway design & reconstruction.

Advanced solutions for the environment


Advanced road weather information system for optimizing winter maintenance operations. It supports the latest trends such as big data, IoT, AI… and provides support in adapting to climate change.

Road weather stations

Road weather stations for monitoring road temperature and condition and different meteorological parameters. They provide a comprehensive insight into the current weather situation on the road network.

VEDRA Smart cities

Our hydrological and meteorological product range provides accurate measurements, while the accompanying software stores and displays data properly.

In our team is always a place for able individuals who can improve us with their knowledge,creative ideas and inventive approaches!


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