The project included works on the rail track intersection at Sezana Terminal. The works were done on rail geometry regulations of tracks 106, 107 and 113.

For rehabilitation works survey points were obtained from current tracks. Points were then precessed in FERROVIA software with special tools for data processing of differences between designed alignment and surveyed points of current track position. Additional insurance points were also measured for alignment reference. Data were then labelled in drawings and exported for use in tamping machines.

You can read more about maintenance, rehabilitation and track geometry regulations tools in Features & Specifications. Ferrovia specialized tools for maintenance purposes proved to be exactly what is needed in the field for fast and accurate data processing and enabling projects to be concluded in very short terms for establishing high track capacity and safety.

Other projects were also done with Ferrovia maintenance tools:

  • PIVKA Terminal
  • ILIRSKA BISTRICA Train station

Slovene national rail offices authorised for maintenance projects (SŽ SVP) in Maribor, Celje and Nova Gorica are already making their first projects with the use of Ferrovia software.

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