What is BricsCAD?

BricsCAD is a powerful CAD platform that integrates 2D tools with 3D intelligent modeling and BIM support. BricsCAD is fully compatible with AutoCAD and DWG and DXF formats. It is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Why is BricsCAD a great alternative to AutoCAD?

CGS Labs has successfully tested our infrastructure design software for several years on the BricsCAD platform. We came to the conclusion that BricsCAD is fully equivalent to AutoCAD, and even outperforms it in certain segments. Its working environment is very similar to AutoCAD’s, so if you are used to AutoCAD you will easily find yourself in BricsCAD as well.

While many CAD platforms are available on the market that more or less successfully imitate AutoCAD, only BricsCAD is established as a solution that functionally meets the needs of engineers.

The key advantages of BricsCAD are:

  • 100% compatibility with AutoCAD (DWG) format,
  • AutoCAD-like user interface,
  • high speed of operation,
  • a great API that lets you run additional engineering applications,
  • excellent value for money.

“In our opinion, BricsCAD is the best choice for engineers, architects, machinists, designers and anyone looking for a functionally equivalent solution to AutoCAD at an affordable price!”

How can I buy BricsCAD?

CGS Labs has been successfully working with Bricsys for many years. We are a certified application developer for BricsCAD and also an authorized vendor for the BricsCAD program in Slovenia. With highly trained engineering staff, we provide top-level technical support to our users.