CGS Labs Software Release notes

CGS Labs Civil Solutions 2017.1 | 19/7/2017

NEW FEATURES: Available as PDF file – English version, German version, Slovenian version, Serbian version

Issues fixed and functional enhancements:


  • IFC – Additional geometry types added to support detailed 3D model export capabilities.


  • 21D Axis not refreshed when moving Fixed elements.
  • 21M5 ASCII file for projection lines – wrong offset for LW polyline on arcs.
  • 21O1 No changes after altering Slope Grade and Slope Lenght in XML.
  • 21O2 Change Pattern type for slope hatch element.
  • 21O2 Scale labels – On scale alignment labels (command 21B) remember last setting for vertical alignment labels (command 21O1) and update only if checkbox is selected.
  • 2102 Set all hatch types to SOLID.
  • 31H1 Editing profile does not change SNAP options any more.
  • 31K1 Define multiple super elevation types areas along alignment now supported.
  • 31I Intersections command crashes fixed. When alignments had no lanes defined.
  • (no super-elevation calculated in profile) occasional crashes occurred. Fixed, as now only alignment point is taken in consideration in such case.
  • 41E1 Crash after changing cross axis width.
  • 41E2 On 1 axis deletes labels on all other alignments.
  • 42K3 Save to ASCII file. Read saved file error fixed (HUN version only).
  • 41E2 Filter terrain points. Function deleted labels on all other alignments cross section views. Fixed as other Cross Section Views apart from active alignment ones are not affected any more.
  • Cross section vertical scale not refreshed after change base elevation fixed.
  • 42N1 Only one plot area size can be defined.


  • 22M3 HUN read ASCII file not working.
  • 32H1 Editing profile does not change SNAP options any more.
  • 32 Ferrovia LRA_7: with tangent slope=0, LRA_7 annotation dissapears.


  • Clearance lines (Offset) now as polylines (not 3D polylines).
  • Clearance analysis with certain value can be performed multiple times.
  • Autopath crashing with auto animation set solved.
  • EasyDrive reverse path on wrong layer solved.

NEW FEATURES: Available as PDF file – English version, German version, Slovenian version, Serbian version

Common CGS Labs issues:

  • Predefined layer colours issue solved – Edit Materials
    While changing material layer colours issues occurred in terms of wrong colour displayed or black colour used instead us user defined colour definition. This issue is solved in CGS Labs 2021.2 version.
  • CGSA 3D model creation work on unlimited number of materials defined
    Until this release, the 3D model creation was limited to up to 9 different materials defined in Cross-Sections View. Now the number of materials defined in not limited any more.

BricsCAD related issues:
Bellow a list of issues solved corresponds to BricsCAD platforms. CGS Labs Civil Solutions used on AutoCAD or AutoCAD Civil 3D have no such issues.

  • 41D1, Adding bands (text rubrics) to Cross Sections in BCAD is now supported
  • 41I7, Convert Polyline to TCS Element
  • 11E5, Change point type now supported
  • 31V82, Label Slope – the command does not alter OSNAP setting any more
  • 41I2, Extend substructure in both directions now enabled

Aquaterra related issues:

  • 43F2, Insert adjacent river canal to main canal CS Views now supported
  • 33L6, Label points in profile view


  • UI/UX – Plateia, Ferrovia, Aquaterra, Electra, Autosign and Autopath ribbons have updated content
  • Licensing – New RLM licensing, introduced with CGS Labs 2020 version, is more reliable and faster
  • Documentation – Plateia help documentation is updated to the latest Plateia software content available
  • Draw 3D road lanes with elevation changes has been upgraded
  • Typical Cross Sections road geometry library
  • Pavement – Option to add multiple additional pavements (sub-pavement) is now supported.
  • Project points to Profile Labeling options
  • Label Design Speed & Station Equations options
  • Polyline labelling upgrades
  • Import Civil3D and Urbano pipes – Support for Urbano 10 version has been added
  • Annotate Dimension – Decimal labelling option added to Dimension distance UI
  • Label applied cant values in Cross Section Views
  • Clearance analysis – Horizontal and vertical offset vehicle distance review
  • Video Recorder –  New feature is available in Autopath ribbon to create video animations of swept paths
  • New vehicles added to Autopath vehicle libraries
  • Custom traffic signs libraries – Creating new user defined traffic signs libraries is now possible within Library Manager UI
  • 3D sign size management
  • 3D cones – Road Works
  • Video Recorder – part of the Autosign ribbon to enable users to create quick video animation
  • Enhancements carried out on the Edit traffic sign dialog
  • Download traffic signs library


  • Correspondent Sample Lines distance between alignments issue solved. Distances between alignments in Cross Section Views display and are calculated correctly.
  • Reconstruction (31O3) now work on sample lines projected to survey points also. Previously reconstructions commands required surface (DTM) made from survey points.
  • Invoking command to Draw elements (Arc, Line) in Ferrovia issue solved
  • Aquaterra ribbon run commands issues solved
  • Double hatching when using Edit command solved (11N2)
  • Wrong HQP file (41L3), DEU version
  • Definition of cross sections not possible (41G4)
  • Draw structures (31H1)
  • Import C3D pipes to Plateia profile (31S8, 31S9) – add note this command only works on Civil 3D platforms as it is linked to Civil 3D pipes objects. User can not draw C3D pipes in Plateia profile on BricsCAD platforms as they do not support C3D pipe objects.
  • Draw ditch command (42H7)
  • Intersection lines not drawn in Cross-Section Views if number of profiles differs (Layout-Profile-Cross-Section Views) solved (42K2)
  • Roundabout issues solved on BricsCAD V20 and V19, especially in cases when alignment non perpendicular:
    • (52E1) – Selection problem
    • (52E2) – Selection problem and create extra circle
    • (52E3) – Right turn and circle intersection
    • (52E4) – Editing issue – closing app, won’t change right turn
    • (52E5) – Editing issue – closing app, won’t change right turn
    • (52E6) – Editing issue – closing app, not applying changes
  • Mass Haul profile table insertion issues if no fill defined in Cross Sections Views solved


  • Profile Creator – Simplified UI for creating CAD profiles now available
  • CS Views – TCS Manager – Move between CS views with arrow keys
  • CS Views – TCS Manager –Define custom ZOOM area option added
  • CGS Labs Installer – newly defined (un)supported CAD platforms in CGS Labs 2021 release – Check What’s new document for details
  • CGS Labs ribbon as the only one to be loaded in CGS Labs profile – 2021 version
  • RLM v14 implemented in 2021 CGS Labs installation
  • Load CGS SW successfully when other 3rd party applications run on same CAD profile


  • Variables – Add preview pictures for variable parameters
  • 21T1 – Plot command – Remember custom user defined values
  • 21O1 – Labels are not drawn correctly (arrows, circle, hatch)
  • 21N5 – Generate stakeout points at correct station values when alignment’s starting station is not 0
  • 21M1 – Draw lines along the axis – some lines were not drawn issue resolved
  • 21M1 – Draw lines along the axis –Delete option for existing lines was not working
  • 21G6, 21G7 and 21G8 commands – Control points UI had wrong messages
  • 52C1 – Intersections – Island UI – increase space for text
  • 52E2 – Roundabouts- Draw approach – Design approach issues solved on various CAD platforms
  • CS Views – Wrong marking in cross section views: right | left
  • 41F1 – Draw roadway – does not read data from ASCII files
  • 41G4 – Pavement is not drawn under the road lanes when more than 2 lanes are present
  • 41E1 – Reference height changes after vertical alignment import
  • 41M5 – QTO not working with Elling method
  • 42H1 – Wrong texts displayed in UI
  • 41H2 – Stop recording Macro – Nothing happens on STOP – Save to dialog box now appears
  • 41K2 – Draw ditch line in CS View works
  • Collision Detection / Property Set Filter – Increase space for text in UI
  • Autopath – Changes to ribbon – More functions exposed in the frontline
  • Autopath – Wrong vehicle label orientation when left to right vertical analysis
  • Autopath – Vehicle templates added to the installation
  • Autosign – brings new functionality in form of Autosign Ultimate – Check What’s new document for details
  • Electra – UI syntax error problems solved (when strange characters used)
  • Electra – Edit profile problems in BricsCAD platforms solved

NEW FEATURES:  (open PDF file)

  • New update/installation includes the support for BricsCAD v20 version
  • Installation process now simplified (“Complete” and “Custom” option is added to skip CAD and program selection)
  • New messages in “Multiple licenses available” UI which opens up after running the first command when more CGS Labs software package licenses are available
  • 22R5 add spiral Radius value at position label fixed
  • Fixed stationing labelling in profile band when station equation is used on alignment
  • DEU version: Appdata/PFAE/DEU/AppDataSpecific >> EXAMPLE folder added including PLATEIA files
  • Static text added in drop-down Ribbon commands
  • Autosign: Insert Sign UI split
  • Autosign:  Scrolling in the Draw Signs UI fixed
  • Autosign: Search option added to Draw Signs UI
  • Autosign: German sign library updated containing non-transparent signs.
  • 22J6 Draw Turnout report solved (load
  • Added DCL files to Hungarian version
  • Hungarian QTO material definition table added
  • MACRO example for ENG and SLO Plateia versions added
  • Label heights in profile and cross sections fixed
  • Error drawing intersection/projection lines from Cross-Sections to Layout solved
  • Topographical symbols added:
    • C:\…\AppDataLocalUser\SYMBOLS\Pi_KKN
    • C:\…\PlatformIndependent\AppDataLocalUser\SYMBOLS\Pi_TTN
  • 31G4 Label profile: cut/fill colour corrected in German version where colours were switched
  • 21R6 – Unable to recognize command “7” issues solved
  • 11O1 – Unable to recognize command “0” issues solved
  • Profile creator: CGS Labs icon added to WINDOWS Start Menu (shortcut to run the CGS Labs profile in CAD platform)
  • Profile Creator Icon creator: /product “[product]” added to the shortcut target on Autodesk platforms. Shortcut is named: CGS Labs 2020 on ACAD 2020 – [product]. For [product], some of possible values are C3D, ACAD, MAP …
  • New Installation Instructions document available
  • NEW FEATURE: Project lines/points to profile works when no sample lines are present/defined on alignment
  • NEW: About/Update UI enhancements: Release Notes web page link added

NEW FEATURES:  (open PDF file)


  • Intersection Lines user interface upgraded (21M1) – Added sorting and multiple selection options
  • Fixed sorting and select all options for Read intersection lines command in profile (31E2)
  • Added sorting and select all options to Draw intersection lines command in CS (41K2)
  • Draw correspondent Sample Lines in Profile View when Sample Line prefix is same on both or more alignments which correspondent Sample Lines are crossing
  • Draw Profile View: *(asterisk) is added to the correspondent sample lines name
  • Save Intersection lines to file – Increased spacing in ASCII file
  • Draw Cross-Section Views with new correspondent Sample Lines definition
  • Insert 3D Solid elements to Cross Sections Views enabled on all CAD platforms
  • Add Sample Lines station info to »Draw Cross-Section Views« dialog and »Update Cross-Section Views« dialog
  • Rearrange “Draw Profile View” UI to be similar to “Insert Cross-Section Views” UI
  • Updated commands due to changes to Sample Lines which include info: ProfileName|AlignmentName
    • Changed DCT (dictionary values) of Sample Lines (ProfileName|AlignmentName)
    • Draw Cross-Section Views UI now has the option to display Correspondent Sample Lines or not
    • Dialog for navigating around Cross-Section Views now displays terrain and table rather than just terrain
    • Functions for plotting of Cross-Section Views now supports Views with same Sample Line names
    • 42HC Fix to “Conditional element” default name
    • 42IA / 41I7 – Zoom to element
    • 42K2 Projection lines – New data format (ProfileName|AlignementName) compared to old format (ProfileName).
    • 42K3 Save projection lines to file fixed.
    • 42M2 No response to mouse cursor. Fixed.
  • Profile elevation based on rotation point (Inside rails) fixes for CZ version
  • Superelevation lane “jumps” – elevation changes – displayed in 3D lines (after running Update Layout command)


  • BricsCAD v19 Update

NEW FEATURES:  (open PDF file)

GDPR harmonization:

  • New graphics content
  • Updated user interface/ribbon.
  • New Customer Support Tools for CGS Labs Partners and End-Users:
  • Changes to the Partner Portal

Software updates, functional upgrades and troubleshooting


  • About window – Update option – ADD uncheck option
  • CGS Labs – SW installations 2017.4 – License Agreement updated
  • Set Autopath on same CAD profile as CGS Labs installation
  • Google Street View not available in latest build


  • 21FB – Draw Tangent Polygon from Axis Elements` The program crashes.
  • 21M5 – Save Intersection Lines’ Command doesn’t work
  • Draw superelevation labels from LS files : should label 2 decimal values
  • 21L1 – The program doesn’t calculate widening in DEU language version when the standard “Aktuelle Richtlinien” is selected


  • 31S1/2 – PlateiaProfile – Sewage System/DrawSewageSystem
  • 31K4 – Convert polyline to superelevation
  • Plateia: Label Lines miss function if superelevation not present in profile view
  • 31Q – Stop Visibility Length Calculation` Wrong layer
  • Plateia ENG – Superimpose Profile function produces no result
  • 31R5 – Label ditches – Error shows

Cross sections

  • Conditional element – SW crashes occur
  • 41K4 – Insert 3D Objects – Update 3D object in cross sections
  • 41I9 – Edit TCS Elements – When 3D solid is drawn in CS, it disappears after editing TCS
  • Plateia ENG – 3D objects deleted after Cross Sections UPDATE
  • Update Cross Sections – Keep Ref. Height option deletes terrain lines


  • Bus parameters updated in Slovenian version


  • Install Autopath on CAD profile where CGS Labs profile is set (or use FAPP tool)
  • Autopath installation – Include jpg files in install files instead of BMP
  • Autopath – Animation control slider freezes

Autosign specific for Slovenia

  • 2017.4 installation includes updated SLO signs
  • 50C2 – Signs are not shown correct in Civil3D 2019 – Wipe-out problem solved

Specific for Electra

  • Electra – 35F5 Poles Report – The station is not correct.
  • Electra – 35H1 Label safety heights – Does not recognize the initial station

Specificfor Ferrovia, HRV version

  • 22J6 – Turnout report table `Civil logo
  • Turnouts report table – Ferrovia HRV 2017
  • Ferrovia – 22L6 – zapis profilov – No Function Definition, SLO, HRV

NEW FEATURES:  (open PDF file)


  • Seamless software updates for users with subscription
  • Create 3D BIM road, rail & water canal models
  • Property Set Editor
  • IFC Export
  • BIM solutions compatibility
  • Grading enhancements
  • Google Maps Import and Google Earth Export enhancements
  • Street View

Plateia / Ferrovia / Awuaterra / Electra

  • Automatic vertical profile rounding for road design
  • Cross-sections Macro enhancements
  • 3D road modelling
  • Roundabout design functions for DACH region


  • Large Autopath collection of vehicle libraries added
  • Localized vehicle dimensions updated per countries
  • Utility vehicle type’s libraries
  • Mobile cranes vehicles library
  • Rear axle steering vehicles type’s libraries
  • Aircraft vehicles library available


  • SLO library updated to comply with changes added to current regulations


  • BricsCAD v18 Update

NEW FEATURES:  (open PDF file)

Plateia / Ferrovia / Aquaterra / Electra

  • BIM & IFC & LandXML extended support
  • Property manager
  • Google Maps Import
  • Import & Export LandXML
  • Convert alignment to Floating Elements alignment type
  • Default Project & Alignment manager
  • Predefined Cross Sections definitions Macros
  • Scale command
  • Best-Fit Enhancements
  • Draw alignment as Floating Elements
  • Alignment & Profile offset labels


  • Grouping of road markings
  • Ghost islands – filled tips


  • Enhanced user interface and options
  • Label maximum swept path width
  • Continue existing EasyDrive simulation
  • Collison detection
  • Improved Animation functionality
  • Support COPY/MOVE command for existing simulation
  • Support for custom and specialized vehicles editing
  • Vehicle library selection option added to vehicle library
  • Add custom vehicle command added to ribbon
  • Dynamic swept path analysis reports
  • Vehicle profile extended vehicle data added
  • Dynamic steering wheel report accessible from ribbon
  • Extensive customer support options
  • New Feedback and Support access options
  • Updated Getting started videos and Help content