CGS Labs Software Release notes

CGS Labs Civil Solutions 2017.1 | 19/7/2017


  • Profile Creator – Simplified UI for creating CAD profiles now available
  • CS Views – TCS Manager – Move between CS views with arrow keys
  • CS Views – TCS Manager –Define custom ZOOM area option added
  • CGS Labs Installer – newly defined (un)supported CAD platforms in CGS Labs 2021 release – Check What’s new document for details
  • CGS Labs ribbon as the only one to be loaded in CGS Labs profile – 2021 version
  • RLM v14 implemented in 2021 CGS Labs installation
  • Load CGS SW successfully when other 3rd party applications run on same CAD profile


  • Variables – Add preview pictures for variable parameters
  • 21T1 – Plot command – Remember custom user defined values
  • 21O1 – Labels are not drawn correctly (arrows, circle, hatch)
  • 21N5 – Generate stakeout points at correct station values when alignment’s starting station is not 0
  • 21M1 – Draw lines along the axis – some lines were not drawn issue resolved
  • 21M1 – Draw lines along the axis –Delete option for existing lines was not working
  • 21G6, 21G7 and 21G8 commands – Control points UI had wrong messages
  • 52C1 – Intersections – Island UI – increase space for text
  • 52E2 – Roundabouts- Draw approach – Design approach issues solved on various CAD platforms
  • CS Views – Wrong marking in cross section views: right | left
  • 41F1 – Draw roadway – does not read data from ASCII files
  • 41G4 – Pavement is not drawn under the road lanes when more than 2 lanes are present
  • 41E1 – Reference height changes after vertical alignment import
  • 41M5 – QTO not working with Elling method
  • 42H1 – Wrong texts displayed in UI
  • 41H2 – Stop recording Macro – Nothing happens on STOP – Save to dialog box now appears
  • 41K2 – Draw ditch line in CS View works
  • Collision Detection / Property Set Filter – Increase space for text in UI
  • Autopath – Changes to ribbon – More functions exposed in the frontline
  • Autopath – Wrong vehicle label orientation when left to right vertical analysis
  • Autopath – Vehicle templates added to the installation
  • Autosign – brings new functionality in form of Autosign Ultimate – Check What’s new document for details
  • Electra – UI syntax error problems solved (when strange characters used)
  • Electra – Edit profile problems in BricsCAD platforms solved

NEW FEATURES:  (open PDF file)

  • New update/installation includes the support for BricsCAD v20 version
  • Installation process now simplified (“Complete” and “Custom” option is added to skip CAD and program selection)
  • New messages in “Multiple licenses available” UI which opens up after running the first command when more CGS Labs software package licenses are available
  • 22R5 add spiral Radius value at position label fixed
  • Fixed stationing labelling in profile band when station equation is used on alignment
  • DEU version: Appdata/PFAE/DEU/AppDataSpecific >> EXAMPLE folder added including PLATEIA files
  • Static text added in drop-down Ribbon commands
  • Autosign: Insert Sign UI split
  • Autosign:  Scrolling in the Draw Signs UI fixed
  • Autosign: Search option added to Draw Signs UI
  • Autosign: German sign library updated containing non-transparent signs.
  • 22J6 Draw Turnout report solved (load
  • Added DCL files to Hungarian version
  • Hungarian QTO material definition table added
  • MACRO example for ENG and SLO Plateia versions added
  • Label heights in profile and cross sections fixed
  • Error drawing intersection/projection lines from Cross-Sections to Layout solved
  • Topographical symbols added:
    • C:\…\AppDataLocalUser\SYMBOLS\Pi_KKN
    • C:\…\PlatformIndependent\AppDataLocalUser\SYMBOLS\Pi_TTN
  • 31G4 Label profile: cut/fill colour corrected in German version where colours were switched
  • 21R6 – Unable to recognize command “7” issues solved
  • 11O1 – Unable to recognize command “0” issues solved
  • Profile creator: CGS Labs icon added to WINDOWS Start Menu (shortcut to run the CGS Labs profile in CAD platform)
  • Profile Creator Icon creator: /product “[product]” added to the shortcut target on Autodesk platforms. Shortcut is named: CGS Labs 2020 on ACAD 2020 – [product]. For [product], some of possible values are C3D, ACAD, MAP …
  • New Installation Instructions document available
  • NEW FEATURE: Project lines/points to profile works when no sample lines are present/defined on alignment
  • NEW: About/Update UI enhancements: Release Notes web page link added

NEW FEATURES:  (open PDF file)


  • Intersection Lines user interface upgraded (21M1) – Added sorting and multiple selection options
  • Fixed sorting and select all options for Read intersection lines command in profile (31E2)
  • Added sorting and select all options to Draw intersection lines command in CS (41K2)
  • Draw correspondent Sample Lines in Profile View when Sample Line prefix is same on both or more alignments which correspondent Sample Lines are crossing
  • Draw Profile View: *(asterisk) is added to the correspondent sample lines name
  • Save Intersection lines to file – Increased spacing in ASCII file
  • Draw Cross-Section Views with new correspondent Sample Lines definition
  • Insert 3D Solid elements to Cross Sections Views enabled on all CAD platforms
  • Add Sample Lines station info to »Draw Cross-Section Views« dialog and »Update Cross-Section Views« dialog
  • Rearrange “Draw Profile View” UI to be similar to “Insert Cross-Section Views” UI
  • Updated commands due to changes to Sample Lines which include info: ProfileName|AlignmentName
    • Changed DCT (dictionary values) of Sample Lines (ProfileName|AlignmentName)
    • Draw Cross-Section Views UI now has the option to display Correspondent Sample Lines or not
    • Dialog for navigating around Cross-Section Views now displays terrain and table rather than just terrain
    • Functions for plotting of Cross-Section Views now supports Views with same Sample Line names
    • 42HC Fix to “Conditional element” default name
    • 42IA / 41I7 – Zoom to element
    • 42K2 Projection lines – New data format (ProfileName|AlignementName) compared to old format (ProfileName).
    • 42K3 Save projection lines to file fixed.
    • 42M2 No response to mouse cursor. Fixed.
  • Profile elevation based on rotation point (Inside rails) fixes for CZ version
  • Superelevation lane “jumps” – elevation changes – displayed in 3D lines (after running Update Layout command)


  • BricsCAD v19 Update

NEW FEATURES:  (open PDF file)

GDPR harmonization:

  • New graphics content
  • Updated user interface/ribbon.
  • New Customer Support Tools for CGS Labs Partners and End-Users:
  • Changes to the Partner Portal

Software updates, functional upgrades and troubleshooting


  • About window – Update option – ADD uncheck option
  • CGS Labs – SW installations 2017.4 – License Agreement updated
  • Set Autopath on same CAD profile as CGS Labs installation
  • Google Street View not available in latest build


  • 21FB – Draw Tangent Polygon from Axis Elements` The program crashes.
  • 21M5 – Save Intersection Lines’ Command doesn’t work
  • Draw superelevation labels from LS files : should label 2 decimal values
  • 21L1 – The program doesn’t calculate widening in DEU language version when the standard “Aktuelle Richtlinien” is selected


  • 31S1/2 – PlateiaProfile – Sewage System/DrawSewageSystem
  • 31K4 – Convert polyline to superelevation
  • Plateia: Label Lines miss function if superelevation not present in profile view
  • 31Q – Stop Visibility Length Calculation` Wrong layer
  • Plateia ENG – Superimpose Profile function produces no result
  • 31R5 – Label ditches – Error shows

Cross sections

  • Conditional element – SW crashes occur
  • 41K4 – Insert 3D Objects – Update 3D object in cross sections
  • 41I9 – Edit TCS Elements – When 3D solid is drawn in CS, it disappears after editing TCS
  • Plateia ENG – 3D objects deleted after Cross Sections UPDATE
  • Update Cross Sections – Keep Ref. Height option deletes terrain lines


  • Bus parameters updated in Slovenian version


  • Install Autopath on CAD profile where CGS Labs profile is set (or use FAPP tool)
  • Autopath installation – Include jpg files in install files instead of BMP
  • Autopath – Animation control slider freezes

Autosign specific for Slovenia

  • 2017.4 installation includes updated SLO signs
  • 50C2 – Signs are not shown correct in Civil3D 2019 – Wipe-out problem solved

Specific for Electra

  • Electra – 35F5 Poles Report – The station is not correct.
  • Electra – 35H1 Label safety heights – Does not recognize the initial station

Specificfor Ferrovia, HRV version

  • 22J6 – Turnout report table `Civil logo
  • Turnouts report table – Ferrovia HRV 2017
  • Ferrovia – 22L6 – zapis profilov – No Function Definition, SLO, HRV

NEW FEATURES:  (open PDF file)


  • Seamless software updates for users with subscription
  • Create 3D BIM road, rail & water canal models
  • Property Set Editor
  • IFC Export
  • BIM solutions compatibility
  • Grading enhancements
  • Google Maps Import and Google Earth Export enhancements
  • Street View

Plateia / Ferrovia / Awuaterra / Electra

  • Automatic vertical profile rounding for road design
  • Cross-sections Macro enhancements
  • 3D road modelling
  • Roundabout design functions for DACH region


  • Large Autopath collection of vehicle libraries added
  • Localized vehicle dimensions updated per countries
  • Utility vehicle type’s libraries
  • Mobile cranes vehicles library
  • Rear axle steering vehicles type’s libraries
  • Aircraft vehicles library available


  • SLO library updated to comply with changes added to current regulations


  • BricsCAD v18 Update

NEW FEATURES:  (open PDF file)

Plateia / Ferrovia / Aquaterra / Electra

  • BIM & IFC & LandXML extended support
  • Property manager
  • Google Maps Import
  • Import & Export LandXML
  • Convert alignment to Floating Elements alignment type
  • Default Project & Alignment manager
  • Predefined Cross Sections definitions Macros
  • Scale command
  • Best-Fit Enhancements
  • Draw alignment as Floating Elements
  • Alignment & Profile offset labels


  • Grouping of road markings
  • Ghost islands – filled tips


  • Enhanced user interface and options
  • Label maximum swept path width
  • Continue existing EasyDrive simulation
  • Collison detection
  • Improved Animation functionality
  • Support COPY/MOVE command for existing simulation
  • Support for custom and specialized vehicles editing
  • Vehicle library selection option added to vehicle library
  • Add custom vehicle command added to ribbon
  • Dynamic swept path analysis reports
  • Vehicle profile extended vehicle data added
  • Dynamic steering wheel report accessible from ribbon
  • Extensive customer support options
  • New Feedback and Support access options
  • Updated Getting started videos and Help content