Diverse Approaches to Roadway Drainage Design in software PLATEIA

Date: 29.2.2024
Time: 10:00 AM (CEST)
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Effective roadway drainage design is a critical aspect of infrastructure planning, ensuring the durability and sustainability of road networks. Join us for the webinar, where we will explore diverse approaches to roadway drainage design in Plateia, a 3D road design and road reconstruction design software that supports BIM workflows and processes.

In this short webinar, we will showcase three practical examples:

*** Example 1: Visualizing Water Flow with Contour Lines ***

Two options for drawing contour lines on the roadway using the Plateia software will be demonstrated. Based on these contour lines, the designer can visualize the flow of water and determine where to position manholes.

*** Example 2: Designing stormwater drainage***

Designing stormwater drainage using commands from the “Drainage and Sewer” tab. This includes drawing pipes and positioning manholes in layout view, longitudinal profile, and cross-sections. It will also be demonstrated how, using Projection lines, stormwater drainage can be displayed in other longitudinal profiles and cross-sections. Here, the new tool “Search CGS Elements” will also be demonstrated.

*** Example 3: Designing Ditches***

Two methods of creating ditches will be presented. The first method involves initially drawing the ditch in the longitudinal profile and then transferring and adjusting it in cross-sections. The second method is to draw the ditch directly in the cross-sections. We will also explore how to label ditches in the profile table, how to properly edit them after they are drawn, and what users should pay attention to during the refresh process.

Who should join this webinar?

This webinar is suitable for all Civil Engineers who are designing roads and need to consider water drainage in their projects.

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