SKA projekts has been known for using CGS Labs products – Autopath and Plateia – since 2018, when there was a need to carry out design works faster. Various solutions were tried, but CGS Labs products prevailed, because of their simplicity and ease of use. The skills for using the software were first acquired through training courses and continued through self-study.

SKA Projekts continuously uses Autopath software for both vertical and horizontal simulations of vehicle trajectory. This tool is very useful for designing parking spaces, calculating entry and exit angles, etc.

Autopath has a library of pre-created vehicles from different countries, but creating your own vehicle according to the required parameters is a useful feature. It is possible to add axles, change dimensions, adjust driving speeds.

The company reveals the most useful functions – Layout, Intersections (intersections, islands, rotating circles), as well as the possibility to create master plans.

One of the most recent projects is the design of the parking spaces of the “Lidl Latvija” store in Ogre city. The construction of a rotation circle at the intersection of Riga Street and Kalna Avenue was designed.

Challenge: a non-standard, small size circle. Autopath was used to ensure the exit of all vehicles, including trucks and buses.

The CGS Labs Plateia tool, which includes both Autopath and AutoSign, is actively used in daily work. Plateia is a professional, BIM compliant, 3D road design and reconstruction software solution. Using its flexible, dynamic data model, the software supports BIM workflows and processes and the IFC standardized data format.

Whereas the Autosign tool is useful for creating pedestrian crossings and road signs. One of the advantages is the large library from many countries that can also be adapted to user’s own needs. As of 2021, Autosign will also feature Latvian road signs in accordance with the Latvian road traffic regulations standard of 2015.

Reconstruction of Cietokšņa Street in Daugavpils is recognised as one of the largest and most complex projects.

Challenge: an oval road safety circle with a tram crossing. This object is the first of its kind in Latvia. CGS Labs software tools were also used in the design.

The representative of SKA Projekts reveals the advantages of using computer software in their professional activities:

  • Standardisation – CGS Labs manufacturer bases their tool on European standards adopted from the most advanced countries, such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland. The width of the lanes and the dimensions of the bus stops comply with the Latvian standards, thus increasing the efficiency of the work, it is possible to work on several projects at the same time.
  • Faster project completion – the software already applies it at the design stage.
  • More precise design process.
  • Easy modification.
  • Interactive project review.
  • Possibility to export coordinates, maps from Google Maps.
  • Time saving.
  • Confidence in project quality and safety.
  • Compliance with standard requirements and regulations

About SKA Projekts

SIA “SKA projekts” is Jēkabpils based road design engineering company that has been successfully operating since 2006.

Knowledge, professionalism, and accumulated work experience make implementation of projects of varying complexity a reality. Delving into the finest detail of the project and embracing the desire to implement every customer’s vision is the best description of the company.

Company’s goal: provision of high-quality services in road design and road construction supervision, offering innovative solutions that allow achieving attractive result with optimal construction costs.

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