When you work for a civil and environmental engineering firm, the type (and scope) of projects you encounter can vary widely. So having the right tools at your disposal is vitally important to make sure you’re getting the job done AND meeting client expectations.

Autopath is an example of a good “tool” for designers to have available today. Just ask Scott Bolyard, a senior CAD designer for Potesta & Associates, Inc. in Morgantown, West Virginia.

“We do a lot of geo-technical and site design work, especially for the natural gas industry here in West Virginia,” explained Bolyard. “We use Autopath to ensure there’s plenty of clearance for the specially designed drills rigs as they’re moved along access roads to their hilltop drill sites.”

But Autopath isn’t a software tool only applicable for unique design situations, as it’s also an asset to many other types of projects. For example, Bolyard said they’re currently using it in the design of a large parking garage and student-housing complex in Morgantown. Autopath is being used to help determine the best routes (including turns and clearances) for fire trucks and other first responders to access the sites in case of an emergency.

“ Autopath is accurate, it’s easy to manipulate, it’s a timesaver, and you don’t have to guess your turn radiuses. And we can incorporate it easily into all of our designs and CAD files. ”

— Scott Bolyard, senior CAD designer

The story behind Autopath

CGS plus developed its first swept path analysis software back in the early 1990s as a part of an AutoCAD application, but introduced its own independent product (called Autopath) to the market in 2009. Since 2012, however, Autopath and other CGS plus design solutions have been capable of supporting both Autodesk CAD, and BricsCAD platforms, thus making Autopath one of the company’s most popular products thanks to its ease-of-use, flexibility, compatibility, and applicability to many different types of design projects. And best of all, the software contains all the features users need for their work at an affordable price!