Contractor is Varna Municipality. The project consists of doubling the road lines of boulevard Tsar Osvoboditel and reconstruction of the existing lines and the crossroad.

The new road lines are 2×3,5 m and 400 m length. The project was performed by developing of 4 axis with different width disposed in each separate line. The longitudinal sections are interdependent through the cross sections. Between the new and existing road lines is disposed an open drainage channel and the longitudinal sections have to be considered with its level.

The cross sections are at 10m. Four-layer pavement was used with aggregate base course and asphalt concrete wearing course for new lines. The reconstruction of the existing lines shall be carry out all with asphaltic concrete surfacing – binder base and wearing course. The planimetry includes all pavement materials and earth works including milling and planning of the existing surfaces.

The project was designed using Plateia’s modules Axis, Longitudinal section, Cross sections and Traffic. Using Plateia software gave us the ability to finish our project quite before the deadlines with less people utilized on this project.

Why Plateia?

Main reasons of choosing Plateia were the similarity of the design process with the Plateia, when compare to the traditional design done “by hand”. This leads to very short time for adopting the software and very steep learning curve. The fact that Plateia is a vertical product of the Autodesk family products, which are used in the company, was also a plus. Last but not least, the help and support from the local distributor, made the difference, which made Plateia our choice.

About Ingconsultproject Ltd.

Founded in April 1990, Ingconsultproject Ltd. has grown to become a leading provider of design and management solutions for complex transportation and land development. Its clients include a variety of governmental and municipality agencies, as well as numerous private-sector enterprises. They currently have over 20 employees, with a staff that includes professional engineers, surveyors and planners. Four years ago, Ingconsultproject Ltd. chose to migrate to AutoCAD Civil 3D and CGSA Plateia software, comprehensive civil engineering products that dynamically connect design and documentation. Working under that premise, the company manages to produce higher-quality designs, increase efficiency, and become more profitable.