In 2008, in response to market needs, WYG International Sp. z o.o introduced a specialist road and bridge engineering department. In the same year the company purchased 10 licenses of Plateia software (CGS Plus) from Aplikom Sp. z o.o.. Plateia was designed by civil engineers as a solution for this particular branch. Therefore, the program is perfectly adjusted to the demands of dynamically developing Polish road design market.

The costs of staff training were significantly reduced thanks to Plateia’s easy to learn interface. Even at the initial stage of implementation, the engineers were enabled to construct a complete road design. Recently, the company have carried out a projects connected with redevelopment of main road (DK9) in Domaradz section (length of 3,5 km) as well as section of main road (DK4) in Kosina (1,7 km). During the process of design, Plateia proved its functionality offering numerous suitable options such as vertical alignment, cross sections and turning curves. Civil designers who had previous experience in working with AutoCAD®, admitted that using Plateia, allowed them to achieve the results five times faster. That is the consequence of automatization and acceleration of design procedures enabled by five integrated program modules: Layout, Axes, Cross sections, Longitudinal sections and Traffic. Thanks to extended options of working with cross sections, Plateia offers a quick method of generating precise project documentation.

Aplikom Sp. z o.o provided the software together with the high quality technical support, which limited the time and costs of program implementation. The use of Plateia software is a favourable characteristic of WYG International on Polish market.

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