Company VIAING was founded in 2012 by Riste Ristovski, a civil engineer, with more than 30 years of experience in infrastructure engineering. He started working with one of the earliest versions of PLATEIA software, version No. 3, which was available in Macedonia, back in the year 1994. It was a version running on MS-DOS operating system.

“I, on the other hand, have used PLATEIA software during my studies and started actively working with it for my bachelor’s thesis in 2016 explains Darko Ristovski, Design Engineer, who shares with us his long-lasting and extensive experience with the software.”

One of “PLATEIA’s great advantages are the time-saving design features”

Through years of use, we found PLATEIA to have a significant advantage in the time-saving design features. Regional road design standards are implemented and it also integrates all the elements to make the project look as it needs to, with minimal additional necessary adjustments. PLATEIA can calculate for you material quantity take-off profile by profile and saves you a lot of time when putting the project on paper using its flawlessly working built-in commands.

Another software integrated into the PLATEIA Ultimate package is AUTOPATH, which we use often for horizontal vehicle swept path analysis, using mostly the Easy drive method. With AUTOPATH we managed to create some specific vehicles requested by the investors, like the SUV Land Rover and then analyze and simulate the drive on a tight “ramp with slope” project, where these vehicles will need to drive. We also used AUTOPATH for analyzing the road and parking transportability, around the already-built industrial hall, where trucks with trailers need to pass.

“Macro function” for the automated design of cross-sections

As one of the biggest advantages of the PLATEIA software, I would like to single out the “Macro function” for the automated design of cross-sections. I like to use this function when I need to create several cross-sections that need to comply with specific boundary conditions, and where there is not much space for improvisation. There I use saving or copying macros from already finished profiles and it speeds up the drawing of cross sections.

It was interesting to use this function in the project for the service road for the transport of ore, about 6.5 km long, where we created the profiles very quickly. Additional help is the ability to refresh sections when changes are made in the project. Compared to other software, there is no need to prepare templates (labelling, profile view, cross-section view) in PLATEIA, everything is predefined and ready.

Ongoing projects

Currently, we are working as an outsourcing company for a lot of different bigger infrastructure projects, but also on some local smaller road design and traffic design projects.

A project in the pictures is a project for a new road, that is included in the urban plan in the place where agricultural fields used to be. The road needs to cross the river, so there is also a bridge project, and I think you can nicely see most of PLATEIA’s main advantages in this project.


Company VIAING was founded in 2012 by Mr. Riste Ristovski, a civil engineer, with more than 30 years of experience in infrastructure engineering. As a consulting company focused on infrastructure engineering we mostly work on road design and traffic design projects. We provide top-quality design, consulting, project management, and project outsourcing. Through communication with our clients, teamwork, and dedication we build long-term relationships and trusted partnerships. The delivery of every project stage is handled with integrity, honesty, and care. Company VIAING cooperates with partners, designers, engineers, architects, and consultants to achieve the highest standards on every project we work on.

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