In the latest release, our development team has proven once again, that they know how to think out of the box and they took Autopath development to the next level. We are proud to introduce the 3D vehicle modelling creation option and 3D vehicle animation feature. Based on any horizontal swept path analysis made a 3D vehicle movement can be animated along the 2D vehicle path. With the introduction of 3D vehicle modelling capabilities, a new license package has been created in line with other CGS Labs Civil Solutions featuring 3D options – the Ultimate package. Thus, Autopath is available in Professional (2D analysis) and Ultimate (3D) software packages.

An interactive method for creating swept path analysis - Easy Drive

Autopath 2023 also include new vehicle libraries, improved existing functionalities and new features. If you haven’t tried the Autopath software yet, you are welcome to download a free trial.


Same as other CGS Labs software solutions, Autopath 2023 has been developed to work on top of the following CAD platforms:

AutoCAD/Civil 3D
2023 | 2022 | 2021 | 2020 | 2019 | 2018

v22 | v21 | v20 | v19

New functionality 1#: 3D vehicle animation

A new 3D Animation command within the Autopath Ultimate package allows 3D solid vehicle model animation along any horizontal swept path available in the drawing. The only restriction is playing 3D vehicle animation on a plane – 0 elevation level for the current release. While playing the 3D animation, you can also draw a 3D model of the vehicle anywhere on the path or draw the 3D track.

Click here for detailed instructions.

The video below shows how we can create a 3D animation of wind blade transportation through the centre of Ljubljana in just a few clicks.

An interactive method for creating swept path analysis - Easy Drive

New functionality 2#: Automatic 3D solid vehicle creation for vehicles from the library or custom-defined vehicles

Autopath vehicle library UI features a new 3D vehicle solid model preview option, which can be made based on any vehicle defined in Autopath vehicle libraries. Even if the user changes the parameters of an existing vehicle and saves it to the library, the 3D model of the vehicle will be generated automatically. The fact that the user does not have to create a 3D vehicle model by hand gives Autopath a great competitive advantage over other similar programs.

Once you will start using the vehicles from the library, you will quickly find that the 3D models of the national vehicles are simple box shapes, while the 3D models of the other vehicles are much more detailed. The main reason is that national vehicles are created based on the standards, which only provide basic vehicle data (length, height, width).

New vehicle libraries

The following new vehicle libraries have been added in Autopath 2023:

  • Israel 2011
  • Crow Nederlands
  • Australia MRWA
  • Sports car

The need for sports cars appeared mainly among users who plan garage houses. The speciality of sports vehicles is that they are low to the ground, so additional analysis is required.


Enhanced feature 1#: New parameters in vehicle library UI

The following parameters have been added to the vehicle library:

  • vehicle height
  • total vehicle length
  • radius value supported in curb to curb /wall to wall option
  • front vehicle contour option was added to facilitate 3D vehicle model creation based on any vehicle defined in Autopath libraries

Enhanced feature 2#: Updated report

Total vehicle length annotation has been added to the vehicle profile report. Additionally, the vehicle height parameter label was added to the vehicle data list.

If you are interested in Autopath and would like to get further information or download a free trial.