Looking to take your logistics and warehouse management game to the next level? You know how crucial it is to have access to reliable and cutting-edge software. Well, we have some exciting news for you! AUTOPATH 2024 now has a new package called Intralogistics and has introduced a range of new functionalities that are sure to boost your business’s efficiency and productivity to the next level.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the exciting new features that AUTOPATH has to offer. In addition to the new license package, AUTOPATH now supports “Gigaliner” trucks, EuroCombi or road trains, has many new vehicle libraries, and other enhancements that are sure to streamline your processes. Let’s explore each of these updates in detail to determine how they can benefit your work.

New AUTOPATH Intralogistics package

AUTOPATH has introduced a new package to cover the demanding swept path analysis requirements of intralogistics, including logistics tugger trains and more.

With the introduction of this license, Autopath now offers three different packages:

  • AUTOPATH Professional,
  • AUTOPATH Ultimate (3D), and
  • AUTOPATH Intralogistics package, which includes the highest level of features and content.

AUTOPATH by license type




National vehicle and manufactures vehicle libraries available

National vehicle and manufactures vehicle libraries available

National vehicle and manufactures vehicle libraries available +

Intralogistics vehicle libraries

2D swept path analysis 2D swept path analysis 2D swept path analysis

3D swept path analysis

3D swept path analysis

Advance vehicle steering options to support intralogistics needs

Double Ackerman steering support

Logistics trains / tugger trains, may feature trailers with specific rear-end back-axle steering options. This steering option, which was first defined by Ackerman, is known as double Ackerman steering and is fully supported in AUTOPATH 2024.

A number of field tests were carried out before introducing this feature to the AUTOPATH swept path analysis options. We wanted to make sure that AUTOPATH’s analysis for such configurations of tugger trains would be the most accurate.

Gigaliner | EuroCombi | Road Train support

AUTOPATH now supports “Gigaliner” trucks, EuroCombi, or road trains, which are defined as trucks with an exceptional overall length exceeding the normal 18-meter maximum length for transportation vehicles. Gigaliner trucks feature an additional sub-trailer (also referred to as a “dolly”) to which a semi-trailer is attached. This configuration enables Gigaliner vehicles to preserve overall turning radii normally obtained by standard 18-meter trucks. You can find the Gigaliner vehicle library in the latest AUTOPATH 2024 version and try them out.

AUTOPATH enhancements

The reverse drive path has been smoothed out, resulting in smoother wheel rotation in areas where there are changes in radius-counter-radius and radius-tangent points.

The Effective Wheel Base (EWB) on trailers’ rear wheels is now automatically defined and added when steering is defined for the rear axle wheels. Additionally, rear steering on trailers is now supported and follows the double Ackerman principle as described above.

The vertical analysis of the trailer vehicle position has been fixed, particularly in cases where various wheel sizes are used (e.g., tractors or harvesters).

New vehicle libraries

New manufacturer libraries were added or updated for the

AUTOPATH 2024 version:

  • Motor Grader
  • Soil compactor
  • Nooteboom trailers
  • Broshuis trailers
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Wind Blades Transportation configuration vehicles
  • Gigaliner_Fliegl

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