With Autopath various methods are available for creating horizontal and vertical swept path analysis. Interactive, placement-adaptive, and manually guided.

EasyDrive is an interactive method for creating horizontal swept path analysis. With this method swept path analysis is created in three simple steps.

Step 1

After starting the command, you first select the vehicle type you want to use in the analysis.

Step 2

When the dialog box opens, you can define variables for speed, friction, superelevation, and minimum radius.

In this dialog box, you can also check the parameters of the selected vehicle or change the default settings for the current analysis.

For example, you can set the turn prediction on or off, select color, line type, etc.

To define the vehicle route, use the drop-down menu in the dialog box. You can choose whether you want to drive your vehicle straight ahead, in curves, or reverse.

Step 3

After you have completed the settings in the EasyDrive dialog box, select the starting point and direction of the vehicle in your drawing.

Then simply add points to the vehicle path by clicking on your drawing, which creates your interactive analysis of the path you have driven.

The preview of the curve prediction helps you to see the next possible maneuver.

If you have already started your maneuver and are not satisfied with your choice, you can simply click the Step Back button in the dialog box. When you are ready to finish your simulation, press Enter or Escape and the analysis is drawn into the drawing.

As you can see, with the EasyDrive method, you have full control over creating swept path analysis. Enjoy your drive!

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