We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Autopath 2024.1, a landmark release that we believe will revolutionize your workflow. This version is packed with innovative features designed to simplify and enhance your drawing analyses.

Introducing Easy Drive Align and Corner Align Analysis, our newly developed tools designed for faster, simpler, and even more precise drawing analyses. We’ve also enhanced the Horizontal and Vertical analysis tools, now featuring an offset option that allows you to utilize existing road edges in your drawings.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. We’re excited to unveil a new feature, “Export Analysis to block,” which allows you to conveniently place the analysis into a block. Furthermore, in the new version, you will, of course, find new vehicle libraries as well.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out the videos below and experience the difference for yourself. Welcome to a new era of efficiency with Autopath 2024.1.


Same as other CGS Labs software solutions, Autopath 2024.1 has been developed to work on the top of the following CAD platforms:

AutoCAD/Civil 3D
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New Feature #1: Corner Align Anylisis

Corner Align is a new interactive feature for the quick and easy creation of swept path analysis. The user first selects a vehicle and then specifies the initial and final direction of the vehicle directly on the drawing. The tool generates an analysis based on these two inputs. The angle that is drawn represents the smallest angle between the provided directions for the selected vehicle.

Image: The sketch that displays the input parameters for the new feature, Corner Align.

New Feature #2: Easy Drive Aligned

The Easy Drive method now offers two options for defining the starting point of analysis. In addition to the existing Easy Drive method, we have introduced the new Easy Drive Aligned approach. With this new method, users can interactively specify the vehicle’s direction and insertion point before proceeding to define the analysis path, following the same steps as the conventional Easy Drive method.

New Feature #3: Export Analysis to Block

New swept path report feature enables users to export analysis to a block and place the analysis block anywhere in the drawing. The analysis block can also be exported to external DWG file, PDF or other formats.

Exported analysis to a block includes all the entities created while making the analysis and/or creating a 2D & 3D animation, and it includes all settings changes for analysis viewing options (changed colours, linotypes, layers, entities shown ….). It is important to be aware that this block is a copy of the existing analysis. The existing analysis still remains in the drawing and can be modified as desired.

Multiple blocks can be created from altered analysis made to explore best possible options and have their footprints always available.

Image: The sketch that displays two blocks. In one, there is an analysis for a car, and in the other, there is one for a bus.

Enhanced feature: Horizontal and Vertical Analysis with Offset option

When you run the ‘horizontal’ or ‘vertical’ analysis commands, you now have the option in the dialogue box to define an offset value. The offset can be applied to the right (positive offset value) or the left side (negative value) of the path in the case of horizontal analysis. In vertical analysis, a positive value means an upward offset, while a negative value means a downward offset.

The primary advantage of this additional feature is evident in cases where you want to track a polyline representing the center or edge of a road, as shown in the video below. Previously, it was necessary to manually adjust this polyline, which added an extra step to the process. Furthermore, the user still has the option of making subsequent offset changes.

New Vehicle Library

We are delighted to announce that the new Autopath 2024.1 version includes an addition to our vehicle library – the Polska 2022 national vehicle library. This library features vehicles defined by the national guidelines for Poland.

Images: Vehicles from the National Vehicle Library Poland 2022.

We are confident that these additions will further enhance your user experience and allow for greater precision in your analyses. We look forward to your feedback on these new functionalities. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] Our team is always ready to help!

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