With Autopath, swept path analysis can be made simply by clicking on a polyline, 3D polyline, or alignment defining a vehicle route in the drawing.

Horizontal Analysis is a place
adaptive method for performing swept path analysis based on a selected line object.

An interactive method for creating swept path analysis - Easy Drive

Step 1

After starting the command, you first select the vehicle library and the vehicle type you want to use in the analysis.

Step 2

After confirming your selected vehicle by pressing OK select your vehicle route and the swept path analysis will be automatically applied to the line object.

Step 3

After creating swept path analysis it is nesecery to insert and inspect the Steering Angle report.

Given that the analysis is defined by a line object, it is not necessary that all vehicles will actually be able to travel a given route and perform given maneuvers. Therefore, it is necessary to check the report of turning angles, which clearly shows which maneuver and at which point it is not possible to perform with the selected vehicle.

You can easily edit the analysis by making adjustments of the line object that defines vehicle route. Since vehicle route is defined as polyline, 3D polyline or aligment you can simply edit the analysis by moving the grips of the line object. The Analysis updates dynamically.

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