We are pleased to announce the launch of our new software version. Autopath 2022.1 incorporates a variety of improvements, including new vehicle libraries, a convenient vehicle search option and visual critical points feedbacks while making horizontal swept path analysis.

New vehicle libraries

  • Airstairs vehicles
  • Apron Bus
  • Baggage transfer
  • Auckland transport
  • Bicycles

Autopath now included a bicycle library that enables bike trailers to be added to the bicycles and various parameters settings for bicycle customization purposes.

Enhanced feature 1#: Vehicle Search option

Searching vehicles in Autopath is now faster and easier than ever before. Vehicle library user interface includes Search option, which enables users to quickly list and access libraries that contain the searched keyword.

An interactive method for creating swept path analysis - Easy Drive

Enhanced feature 2#: Graphical representation of exceeded turning angle

Graphical representation of exceeded turning angle on horizontal swept path analysis is now available and set as a default option to quickly visualize critical areas along the path.

The horizontal analysis option is generated for a selected vehicle over any polyline path in the drawing. It creates a swept path analysis over the polyline’s entire path and in places where parameters (wheels turning angle or minimal radius values) are exceeded, it gives graphical/visual feedback on the path directly. Until now, the exceeded values were only available in the corresponding turning wheels’ diagram. With the new graphical feedback, the critical points on the path are more conveniently detected.

An interactive method for creating swept path analysis - Easy Drive

If you are interested in Autopath and would like to get further information or download a free trial.