ATTENTION: This post includes extremely valuable news.


We are delighted to announce the release of the newest Autosign version: AUTOSIGN 2022.1


CGS Labs provides new enhancements on its Traffic signs & Road markings design software solution.


In order to enable urban planner, architects, road engineers, traffic engineers, and other similar professionals to accomplish their BIM traffic signalling projects in a more effective and efficient way.


From 15th October 2021 Autosign 2021 is available to automatically update for current users. Even earlier, from 8th October 2021, Autosign 2021 trial is available for everybody.


If you are a current Autosign user, just click the “About/Update” button that you will find on the “Utilities” panel on the right-hand side of the Autosign ribbon to open the dialog where you will find the “Update” button to 2022.1.
If you are not an Autosign user, but are keen to discover the whole functionality provided by Autosign 2022.1, just go to the Autosign official website and download a trial.


Same as other CGS Labs software solutions, Autosign 2022.1 has been developed to work on the top of CAD platforms:

  • AutoCAD/Civil 3D (2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016)
  • BricsCAD (v21, v20, v19)

Autosign 2022.1, as the previous versions, can be found in two different ways:

  • As a standalone product
  • As part of Plateia – CGS Labs complete solution for roadway design and rehabilitation – see more about Plateia at

New features

Check the following video to get a quick overview of the extensive list of new features and enhancements that Autosign 2022.1 brings. Further details for each new feature can be found right below the video.

An interactive method for creating swept path analysis - Easy Drive

Tooltip for the Traffic signs palette

This new feature aims to provide more information about the traffic signs prior the selection for insertion. Users can see the name and a short description of each traffic sign before the selection, for it, users just need to place the pointer over a traffic sign and wait an instant for the info label to appear.

Additional design options for Parking Design

Parking Design tool brings a new option to add the line tips to the parking lots. This feature rounds up the possibilities for designing parking lots with Autosign.

Improved distribution of sign on Reports

Traffic signs which are placed on the same sign post are listed in disaggregated rows. Such option applies to Excel reports generation. In this way, reports display the traffic signs and their information in a more convenient way.

Smooth curved line markings on 3D

Line markings follow smoothly and accurately the polyline curvatures to which are assigned. This enhancement provides a substantial improvement in terms of 3D/BIM model representation.

Creation of 3D entities as single elements

Traffic signs and Road markings elements are now created as blocks by Autosign. The seamless representation of the sign/marking content as one object enables users to easily assign Property Set data to signs, manipulate object properties, export objects and more.

Multiple allocation of Property Sets

Autosign 2022.1 provides a major improvement in applying multiple Property Sets to DWG objects. Furthermore, significant UI and workflow changes have been introduced in order to facilitate Property Set parameters adding, editing or removing on single or multiple objects. “Property Set Editor” works best in combination with improved “Property Set Filter” functionality where user can select, isolate or hide object(s) in order to manipulate the data as needed.

If you are interested in Autosign and would like to get further information or download a free trial.