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From CGS Labs we have established this space to share information, updates, curiosities and anything what may be related to the traffic signalling world. Thus, if you are a person who gets absorbed with road signalling, traffic signs, street furniture and is keen on combining them with the latest technology in terms of project design and management – BIM technology, IFC, Property Set data… – you will definitely get hooked by the different upcoming posts of this blog.

As today all is about presentations, let me introduce Autosign, the professional software solution for planning 2D / 3D traffic signal design within CAD environments developed by CGS Labs.

  • is a traffic design and traffic management solution for AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD and BricsCAD
  • supports AutoCAD Civil 3D alignment, surface, feature lines and other Civil 3D objects
  • creates BIM/IFC road furniture content: traffic signs, road markings, gantries, cones, etc.
  • is a leading BIM content design software solution for traffic signs and road markings

Autosign includes extensive collections of country-specific traffic sign and road markings libraries. It generates detailed layouts, reports, 3D (BIM) objects, and realistic visualizations to assist transportation engineers and design professionals. In addition, Autosign content can be used seamlessly in Navisworks and Infraworks.

And, if you allow me one more presentation, today I’ll like to introduce you our last release: Autosign 2022.

Autosign 2022

Same as other CGS Labs software solutions, Autosign 2022 has been developed to work on the top of CAD platforms. Our last release supports the following platforms:

AutoCAD/Civil 3D

  • 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016


  • v21, v20, v19

Autosign 2022, as the previous versions, can be found in two different ways:

  • as a standalone product
  • as part of Plateia – CGS Labs complete solution for roadway design and rehabilitation – see more about Plateia at https://cgs-labs.com/plateia/

This new version of Autosign comes with full-hands of functionalities to aid designers and engineers on the project work. Just take a look at all the commands included in the ribbon!

As new features, we must highlight the following improvements:

Parking Lots grouping

  • The parking Lot grouping option allows users to add selected parking lots to a group and have parking lot group properties listed in reports. In addition, some UI enhancements have been made to accommodate a faster and more intuitive parking lot design process.

New surface selector

  • Drape to surfaces with surface selector has been added to 3D Signs and Markings design options. When selected, the surface is highlighted in the drawing giving to users accurate feedback when working with multiple surfaces.

Besides the aforementioned new enhancements, Autosign 2022 brings the powerful 3D and BIM functionality as in the previous version. Therefore, Autosign allows the user to make from the simplest sketch on 2D till a high-complexity design made out of 3D solids with property set data assigned. Furthermore, designs made with Autosign have huge exchangeable capabilities with other software solutions thanks to the IFC import/export functionality, which supports the format IFC 4.2.

Check the following video related to a Parking Lots Design in 3D to visualize all the features explained above and more!

An interactive method for creating swept path analysis - Easy Drive

If you are interested in Autosign and would like to get further information or download a free trial.