»TCS elements manager« is a tool used for zooming to a specific cross-section or elements within the cross-section views. After running this command a modeless dialog box opens, which stays open while you’re able to work with other commands. You can zoom to a specific cross-section in the list by simply clicking on it, or use arrow keys to move up or down in the list and select any cross-section.

An interactive method for creating swept path analysis - Easy Drive

Profile view

1. Run the TCS Elements Manager command.

This command offers two options for viewing cross-sections:

  • zoom by profiles or
  • zoom by elements.

2. At the beginning click on the button and the list of all cross-sections in the drawing will be shown in this dialog.

3. Then select profile P1 in the list.

4. In the drop-down menu select the custom scale and click on the button . Then go to the drawing and draw a rectangle around the first cross-section. When the rectangle is drawn, the software automatically zooms in this cross-section.

Then you can move between sections by clicking on the profile in the list or with the arrow keys.


5. Next you can arbitrarily edit a particular cross-section, and the TCS element manager will remain open.

6. Run the Insert Block command.

7. In the drop-down menu select the block and specify in which cross-section the block should be drawn.

8. Select an element and intersection point in the drawing.
In this example, the signal is drawn in the cross-section P130.

Element view

1. Click on the button . It will open a list of all existing TCS elements in the drawing.

2. Select an element from the list, by clicking on it. This will highlight the element in the drawing.

3. Refresh

If you have an open TCS element manager while you adding new sections or deleting existing ones, this change will not automatically appear in the TCS element manager. To refresh the sections in the list you have to press a button .

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