The Polyline from Points tool is a highly efficient software tool that enables the quick creation of specialized civil-oriented linear objects. With the ability to analyze large amounts of survey points, this tool delivers 3D polyline over a selected set of points, allowing for the rapid digitalization of side road or rail linear objects such as ditches, retention walls, cables, property – the right of way borders, road edges, and existing rail tracks.

Whether using a set of given surveys or input points in drawings, the Polyline from Points tool can generate any linear object with ease. By streamlining the digitalization process, this software tool saves significant amounts of time and effort, making it an essential tool for civil-oriented projects.

Polyline from points

1. Run the Polyline from points command.

2. Select objects from the list and click OK.

3. Select points directly in the drawing and then press Enter.

A 3D polyline is drawn based on the selected points.

After that a new dialogue box opens. This dialogue enables the user to break and join existing polylines

Break 3D

Select this option and click on the polyline. The polyline will break between nearest points, resulting in two separate polylines.

Join 3D

Select this option and click first on one polyline’s end, and then on the end of another polyline. The two polylines will join into one.

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