Training instructions

The training course consists of several lessons. Each lesson is presented in a video and accompanied by the tutorial PDF and with DWG file(s) to work with, where needed.

Training goals

When you complete this online training, you will able to start working on real-life projects.

Lesson 1

Insert points & create DTM

In this tutorial you will learn how to insert points in the drawing and how to create digital terrain model from input data. It is also shown how to edit additional DTM settings.

  1:29 min

Lesson 2

Efficient designing of road alignment with different methods

In this tutorial you will learn how to design a road alignment, sample lines and how to drape alignments to surface. There are many different methods for road design available. Few of them are described step by step.


  4:24 min

Lesson 3

Designing Longitudinal Profile

The purpose of this tutorial is learning how to design and insert profile view in the drawing, how to design and edit a profile, and how to calculate superelevations.


  2:26 min

Lesson 4

Designing Cross-sections

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw cross section views in the drawing and how to design cross sections with typical cross sections elements such as shoulders, embankments, substructure, ditches, pavements and also how to edit and label typical cross section elements.


  4:47 min

Lesson 5

Quantity Take-off

In this tutorial you will learn how to define planimetry polygons, which represent borders of planimetry quantities. In the next step you will learn how to calculate the quantities by sections as well as the summary for the whole area.


  3:38 min

Lesson 6

Designing traffic signs & road markings

In this tutorial you will learn how to design traffic signs and road markings. You will get to know which tools are available for editing traffic signalization and how to create a report of traffic signs or road markings.


  4:20 min

Lesson 7

Vehicle swept path analysis

In this tutorial you will learn to use different types of vehicle swept path analyisis, to customize vehicles by editing vehicle parameters, to run animation of the created vertical or horizontal vehicle swept path analysis and to draw a graph of a wheels turning angle.


  3:53 min