Ingenieurbüro Neukirchen, a reputable consulting company from Vienna, Austria, has used the AQUATERRA-MIKE connection to facilitate the working process of the Alm River flood risk mapping.

The project was a part of Water Bodies Care and Management Concept of the Federal Water Engineering Administration for the Gmunden district (Upper Austria), and was motivated by flooding that took place in the August 2002. DHI Germany was also involved in the project.

The Alm River originates in the Almsee Lake and flows northwards for 48,800 km, where it joins the Traun River. Average longitudinal slope is 5.3 ‰. In the past, several flow and sediment control measures were constructed, among them 30 weirs, 3 steps and 13 ramps. The number of bridges crossing the river is also significant – 36.

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