A station control tool enables one or more station value definitions along the alignment. This tool is integrated within the Alignment Manager dialogue box and can be accessed by clicking the Station Control option of the selected active axis. After setting the station equation along the alignment and changing the stationing values ahead of the defined station equation mark all cross axes labels and other station-related values are automatically updated. Labels in profile and cross sections are also displayed and updated accordingly to station equating definitions.

In this tutorial, a drawing with alignment, sample lines, profile and cross-sections will be used. If you don’t know how to do this, see the Getting Started Tutorial. Once, you have all this ready in your drawing, you can continue with these instructions.

1. Run the Alignment Manager command.

2. Double click on the Parameters icon.
3. Change the Starting station.
4. Confirm parameters by pressing the OK button.

5. Double-click on the Station Control icon in the alignment manager dialogue box.
6. Click on the Plus button.
7. Click on the beginning of the axis.
8. Select the Decrease option from the drop-down menu.
9. Confirm by clicking OK.

To refresh sample lines, run the Refresh command.

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