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We´ve had an unusually hot, sunny summer here in Slovenia. How about you? Are you also noticing climate changes? We at CGS Labs are aware of it and we want to help the world with software, that will better serve the needs of resilient and carbon-free transportation infrastructure, where the prediction and cost of maintenance will be significantly improved.

We do have brilliant ideas for the future development of our products Plateia, Ferrovia, Aquaterra, Autopath and Autosign. Recently we have also invested into the new software product Power Path for electric power lines design. We believe that electrification of the transportation area is one of the crucial goals to bring our Earth back on track.

Despite the uncertain situation around the COVID-19 this fall, CGS Labs will participate in many events and activities in the coming weeks and months, where we can meet live or online.

We will attend live at two events in the Czech Republic, on 12.10 at the BIM day, organized by CzBIM society and Czech buildingSMART Chapter, and at the Road conference in Pardubice on October 26th. We also plan to be in Dubai on January 24th and 25th, where the Roads & Rail Conference will take place. For more information visit Roads and Rail 2021 Design & Development Conference & Expo (

From the online events don´t miss the student competition CGS Labs Infra Challenge on November 12th, when the awards ceremony will take place. You can read more about the Infra Challenge event in a separate article in this newsletter.

Otherwise, we are just finishing the new CGS Labs software version, planned to be released in November, with several improvements in BIM, Autopath and Autosign. In this newsletter you can read more about our activities for providing more technical content to our users, about how our customers are using Autopath and Plateia, we write about our 5th anniversary of the german CGS Labs office and new reseller partners in Brazil.

For more information, you are always welcome to visit our website!

Matjaž Šajn,
CGS Labs Director

CGS Labs Infra Challenge 2021

In cooperation with partners and its offices CGS Labs is organizing an international competition for civil engineering students the CGS Labs Infra Challenge 2021. So far, students from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Egypt have applied and as many as 15 teams are already working on their projects using different CGS Labs software.

If you are a student or you know a student who would like to join the competition, don’t miss this opportunity! Invite them to submit their projects by October 31, 2021!

The presentation of the best projects with the award ceremony will take place at an online event on November 11, 2021. Mark this date in your calendar and join us!

Contact us for more information!

Improve your knowledge of CGS Labs software!

In addition to developing quality software for civil engineers, our main goal is to help them take full advantage of the functionality that is available in the software. This is why we are introducing a specialized knowledge base that is accessible to all CGS Labs software users.

CGS Labs Knowledge Base is a cloud-based application accessible either from the ribbon in CGS Labs Software or from our webpage.



It covers installation and licensing information, and design-oriented content for all CGS Labs Civil Solutions. So, this is not a mere substitute for your help documentation. Here you will find more educational content like guidelines, tutorials, design approaches, various video material, etc. The platform is easy to use and offers tools for quick and efficient search-for-content.



We are continuously adding new content, but we would also like to encourage users to participate. Send us your wishes, expectations, also solutions and we will try to include them in the knowledge base. At present, the content is only available in the English language.

Customer Story

SKA projekts has been successfully using CGS Labs software since 2018

Company “SKA projekts” from Latvia has been known for using CGS Labs products – Autopath and Plateia – since 2018, when there was a need to carry out design works faster. Various solutions were tried, but CGS Labs products prevailed, because of their simplicity and ease of use. The skills for using the software were first acquired through training courses and continued through self-study.

One of the most recent projects is the design of the parking spaces of the “Lidl Latvija” store in Ogre city and the design of roundabout at the intersection of Riga Street and Kalna Avenue.

Online BASIC training course for Ferrovia software

With version 2022 of Ferrovia, CGS Labs has also introduced a new On-line Basic Traning course. Training course consists of five lessons, each presented in a video and accompanied by a PDF tutorial, and with DWG file(s) to work with. Although the course is primarily designed for those who are just starting to learn the Ferrovia software it can be of use also to skilled engineers who might learn some new software features.

Access to the On-line Basic Traning course is currently free. It is available only in English language.

We are introducing Autosign BLOG

With version 2022 of Autosign, we started also a new blog for this software. The blog will provide the most interesting novelties from the software as well as some interesting content from the field of traffic signal design and planning.

All CGS Labs Software now have a common blog landing page where you can easily filter by-product the content of interest.

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5 years of the CGS Labs german office

This summer we celebrated 5 years from the opening of our own “GmbH” company and office in Wiesbaden, Germany, which in the year 2016 took over activities related to Plateia road design software in the country, originally performed by our ex german reseller partner Widemann Systeme. The decision to have our own company was driven by the fact that the German market and DACH region, besides the local SE European market, has always been one of the strongest drivers for our growth and success. Being present at the market directly enables us to offer the best possible support and services for our customers.

If we look back, CGS and specially Plateia brand have been known in Germany since 1993, which means for the last 28 years. I still remember the crowd at the booth during our first public promotion at “Architektur Computer Syteme – ACS” exhibition in the year 1994 in Frankfurt, where we presented Plateia as an AutoCAD add-on software for roadway design. This was a revolutionary approach, as at that time nobody from our competitors offered its roadway design software based on a CAD platform. Until the year 2000, we have invested enormously into the Plateia improvements translation and localization (RAS, REB, and OKSTRA standards) for the German market, which resulted in very successful sales during that period and later.

German needs and wishes made Plateia a strong product not only in Germany but in many other European countries. Special requirements, like volume calculations, swept path analysis (Schleppkurven), intersections design, 3D visualizations, and other features pushed us to develop a full-fledged product, suitable for the design of new roads or road rehabilitations and reconstructions. Also notable to mention, the german RAL standard for the drawings annotations helped us to develop readable and attractive drawings layouts, which have been later adopted in many other countries, where there was a lack of local standards in this field. And when we speak about BricsCAD as a second CAD platform for the CGS Labs software, we have to admit that the german customers were the first, who asked us for BricsCAD platform support.

Today, our team in Germany is serving hundreds of customers all around the country, many of them are engineering offices and city authorities. Some are using our products for 20 years or more, which is proof of our stable relationship and trust. Just to mention a few of them: Schröder and Associes, Berres Ingenieurgesellschaft, Bolz und Palmer, Czock Ingenieure and city authorities in Frankfurt, Waiblingen, Wessel, Hamburg, Hanau, Dortmund, Landau, Mannheim and other cities.

The two men, very skillful engineers, who do an excellent job in Germany with CGS Labs products and our customers are Alexander Kraus and Silvio Scholz, residing in Frankfurt am Main area. They both provide excellent technical support and training for our users, who are never left alone if they encounter challenges in the software or the project.

For more information about our activities in Germany, please visit our german website

CGS Labs and B&P Technologia are developing a resellers network in Brazil

CGS Labs started to cooperate with the Brazilian company B&P Technologia Ltda. As a CGS Labs master reseller, B&P Technologia is responsible for building a network of resellers that will sell CGS Labs software on the Brazilian market. LSC CAD is the first company that has recently joined this network. Mr. Miguel J. Palaoro, technical director at B&P Technologia has shared some thoughts on where they see the potential for CGS Labs Software on the Brazil market.

“Brazil has a huge territory, where new demands for the most varied works are constantly arising. Extensive opportunities present themselves for Plateia and Ferrovia. While Plateia has a wider scope of use, for urban areas and larger roads, Ferrovia can qualify the design professional to face the constant challenge of cargo transportation, which in Brazil is further strengthened by the need for the flow of grains to seaports, which are transported from all parts of the continental territory.

CGS Labs’ solutions are qualified and keep up with the latest technology in the project area and CGS Labs company brings a huge experience in software development, which will reflect directly on the user’s productivity. We want to build in Brazil the image of a serious and committed company, which delivers top-notch products directly into the designer’s hands.”

– Mr. Miguel J. Palaoro, Technical Director at B&P

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