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" My first experience with PLATEIA software goes back to the 90s. I worked on a project for a motorway with three different alignments. The project was complicated, and it was not the easiest one to learn the software on. The next time I had a chance to work with PLATEIA software was at the “Republic Institute for Urban Planning and Design – Podgorica”. After that, I was employed at one privately owned company where engineers were also working with PLATEIA software.Back then, there was no specialized software for infrastructure design except PLATEIA. I knew how to use it, and I found it very handy, and useful for versatile projects. So, given my experience with the software, it only made sense, to buy PLATEIA for the company that I founded. "

— Simeun Matović, Bsc. civil engineer.

PLATEIA covers all our needs

In the road designing field of use, one of the best things in PLATEIA is the fact that you can easily do the varieties of the axis geometry, by just copying one axis and moving vertices on the second one. When you refresh, you automatically have all of the sections and profiles for your second or third design.

We have been working with PLATEIA in our company for about 20 years now. We went through many versions of the software and have seen how it develops. We had engineers working also in other road design software, but in the end, we all decided to transit to PLATEIA. We agreed it is just the best software for our needs, and it is the easiest one to learn as well!

PLATEIA software has very versatile use

Engineers in “SIMM Engineering” used PLATEIA on projects for national highways, motorways, boulevards, local roads, roundabouts and intersections, pedestrian promenades, residential access roads for resorts, and sports stadiums also. 

  • Such was e.g. a football stadium with 8 athletic running tracks. For this particular project, the important thing was to calculate the cross slope of the tracks, because there was no longitudinal slope. The cross slope was supposed to be constant, 1%. Cross slopes of the football field are two-sided from the longitudinal axis to the inner curb.
  • Another very interesting project was a 16.3 km long boulevard with 12 roundabouts, “Jaz – Tivat” in Montenegro.
  • A big project was the conceptual solution of the entire Adriatic – Ionian motorway. It was divided into two projects, one from the Bosnian border crossing to Podgorica, and another from Podgorica to the Albanian border crossing, in a total length of about 100km.
  • Using PLATEIA software we did the main design of land development for around 70.000 m2 in the area of “Vektra – Jakić” factory in Pljevlja, variating concrete and asphalt surfaces.
  • A nice project done using PLATEIA was a promenade along the coast of river Morača in Podgorica.
  • Autopath was very useful in analysing the paths of the resort properties since we needed to create them useful for the Yamaha golf car, which we created as a custom-made vehicle in this software.

About SIMM Engineering

Company SIMM Engineering was founded by Simeun Matović in 2006. Back then Mr Matović was already an established civil engineer who gained experience working for several civil engineering companies in Serbia and Montenegro. Currently, his company employs 5 civil engineers with a degree in infrastructure planning and is focused on the planning and design of roads, as well as the control of the technical documentation and the supervision of traffic infrastructure construction projects.

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